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Joseph, French physician, 1849-1918.
Grasset law - Synonym(s): Landouzy-Grasset law
Grasset phenomenon - in organic paralysis of the lower extremity, the patient, lying on his back, can raise either limb separately but not both together. Synonym(s): Grasset-Gaussel phenomenon
Grasset sign - normal contraction of the sternocleidomastoid muscle on the paralyzed side in cases of hemiplegia.
Grasset-Gaussel phenomenon - Synonym(s): Grasset phenomenon
Landouzy-Grasset law - see under Landouzy
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But the topic is important because one of the prominent physicians in Conrad's career, Professor Joseph Grasset of the University of Montpellier, was not only a highly respected expert in nervous disorders but was also an occultist, who published on the topic shortly before he treated Borys Conrad in the spring of 1907.
But two other students of Charcot may interest Conradians, Paul Glatz and Joseph Grasset, two of Conrad's European physicians who attended Conrad and his family.
(2.) Joseph Grasset, Maladies du systeme nerveux (1878).