Duverney, Joseph G.

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Duverney, Joseph G.

(doo-ver-na', du-, -ne')
Fr. anatomist, 1648–1730.

Duverney fracture

A fracture of the ilium just below the anterosuperior spine.

Duverney gland

The Bartholin gland
See: Bartholin, Caspar (the younger)
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Joseph G., French anatomist, 1648-1730.
Duverney fissures - (usually) two vertical fissures in the anterior portion of the cartilage of the external auditory meatus, filled by fibrous tissue. Synonym(s): notches in cartilage of external acoustic meatus
Duverney foramen - the passage, below and behind the portal hepatis, connecting the two sacs of the peritoneum. Synonym(s): epiploic foramen
Duverney gland - one of two mucoid-secreting tubuloalveolar glands on either side of the lower part of the vagina, the equivalent of the bulbourethral glands in the male. Synonym(s): greater vestibular gland
Duverney muscle - Synonym(s): lacrimal part of orbicularis oculi muscle
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