Babinski, Joseph Francois Felix

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Joseph François Félix, French neurologist, 1857-1932.
Babinski-Nageotte syndrome - brain lesions resulting in Horner syndrome.
Babinski phenomenon - Synonym(s): Babinski sign (1)
Babinski reflex - Synonym(s): Babinski sign (1)
Babinski sign - (1) extension of the great toe and abduction of the other toes instead of normal flexion reflex to plantar stimulation. Synonym(s): Babinski phenomenon; Babinski reflex; Babinski test; - (2) in hemiplegia, weakness of platysma muscle on affected side. - (3) when patient is in supine position with hands crossed on chest and attempts to sit up, the thigh on the side of an organic paralysis is flexed and heel raised, whereas unaffected side remains flat; - (4) in hemiplegia, the forearm on the affected side turns to a pronated position when placed in a position of supination.
Babinski syndrome - the combination of cardiac, arterial, and central nervous system manifestations of tertiary syphilis.
Babinski test - Synonym(s): Babinski sign (1)
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