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Jacques, German surgeon, 1865-1934.

Lister, Joseph

Etymology: Scottish surgeon, 1827-1912
the surgeon who introduced the use of antiseptic surgery in London hospitals in 1867. Lister operations were performed under a spray of diluted carbolic acid, instruments were dipped in carbolic acid, and wounds were dressed with gauze similarly treated.


surname of one of the families studied in major descriptions of the disease.
Machado-Joseph disease - see under Machado
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The horrid news soon spread all over the Opera, where Joseph Buquet was very popular.
Well, he has rather more viciousness than I gave him credit for, has Master Joseph.
When I heard that some one had been so anxious to get into the bedroom, in which no one but Joseph could have concealed anything--you told us in your narrative how you had turned Joseph out when you arrived with the doctor--my suspicions all changed to certainties, especially as the attempt was made on the first night upon which the nurse was absent, showing that the intruder was well acquainted with the ways of the house.
Joseph needs some exercise -- he was getting too fat.
Eventually Joseph and Rusty accepted the situation and from sworn enemies became sworn friends.
Sir Joseph delivered these words as if he felt the full morality of what he was saying; and desired that even Trotty should have an opportunity of being improved by such discourse.
But, upon my word, Sir Joseph, I don't think I can let it go after all.
Besides this, it will prove that their worthy friend, Joseph T.
Joseph is not married," said Amelia, laughing again.
Joseph Sedley is rich and unmarried, why should I not marry him?
Oh, it's only a shower," said Josephs, looking up cheerfully at the unbroken curtain of cloud.
Miss Wilson looked at the weather, at Josephs, who was conversing with Jane, and finally at Smilash, who knuckled his forehead without waiting to be addressed.