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Josef, Hungarian veterinarian and pathologist, 1867-1952.
Marek disease - Synonym(s): avian lymphomatosis
Marek disease virus - the herpesvirus that causes avian lymphomatosis. Synonym(s): avian neurolymphomatosis virus
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The winter also saw premieres by composers Jan Vicar, Martin Klusak, Josef Marek, Slavomi'r Horinka, Tomas Hanzlik, Vlastislav Matousek, Jaroslav Rybar, Petr Wajsar, Jan Trojan, Tomas Reindl, Jin Kabat, Pavel Trojan, and others.
Josef Marek from the Czech Republic will talk about his cold process sculpture techniques, Rik Allen and Shelley Muzylowski from the US and Canada will describe recent developments in glass sculpture in the American North West, and Maureen Cahill, director of Sydney's Glass Artists Gallery, will give an overview of the current Australian glassmaking scene -regarded by many as one of the world's most exciting.
Jin Bezdek: Pallets and Shading, Romana Schuldova: Piano Trio for Anezka, Lubos Sluka: Primavera, Josef Marek: Dialogues on W.
Josef Marek: Momenti discreti I--Sogni e realta, David Lukas: Night Darkness, Vojtech Mojzis: Beneath My Own Roof--world premieres.