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Josef, Austrian internist, 1842-1925.
Hering-Breuer reflex - see under Hering, Heinrich Ewald
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Josef Breuer, first (in 1880-82) made use of this procedure on a girl who was suffering from hysteria (Freud, 1977, p.
Josef Breuer, carried forward the value of being listened to, a hysteric who was taken seriously by her doctor.
Josef Breuer's evaluation of his contribution to psychoanalysis.
I also thought that the characters of Nietzsche, Lou Andreas-Salome and Josef Breuer were exceedingly well-developed and three-dimensional.
She meets with Josef Breuer in order to convince Breuer to take on Nietzsche as a patient.
had developed first a chronic cough and then several other physical symptoms that the family physician, Josef Breuer, diagnosed as manifestations of hysteria.
Earlier, in 1895, James, fluent in German, wrote a laudatory review (Richards 205) of the important new work Studies on Hysteria, by Freud and Josef Breuer, in which the authors presented their theory of the etiological connection between trauma/shock and the symptoms of hysteria.
Upon his return to Vienna he entered into a partnership with the physician Josef Breuer. They collaborated on Studien uber Hysterie (1895; Studies in Hysteria), which contains a presentation of Freud's pioneering psychoanalytic method of free association.
Two individuals in the history of psychology illustrate tales of missed opportunity; Josef Breuer (1842-1925), a medical doctor and experimental physiologist in Austria, and Edwin B.