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Jacques, German surgeon, 1865-1934.
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surname of one of the families studied in major descriptions of the disease.
Machado-Joseph disease - see under Machado
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A theme throughout the essays of both Nicholas Fox Weber, Executive Director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, and Martin Filler, an architecture critic for The New Republic and House & Garden magazines, is that the couple's "excursions in a variety of disciplines only enriched their sense of art and design as being integrally interwoven into the fabric of a modern way of life, and not merely an optional adjunct to it" (p.
There are informative but lengthy digressions on how Josef met Kornblaum and Prague's rich tradition of illusionists and sleight-of-hand artists.
Albanian born, Josef Kote is best known for his distinctive style and technique which combine classic academic and abstract elements, fused together with his signature drip effect.
Josef is white, 6ft tall, of slim build, with a pale complexion and short black hair with brown eyes.
An image of the bracelet he handed over has been posted on Facebook along with Josef 's recollection of the incident.
Josef trains alongside team-mate Matt at City of Sunderland SC, who recently took gold in the 50m freestyle S9 event at the IPC European Championships.
Josef Binkert AG has also replaced and upgraded existing machinery at the prestigious apprentice training school, Swissmechanic Training Organisation with a number of Colchester lathes.
The author, an associate professor of anthropology at Penn State University, Abington College, has written over a dozen books and made several research trips to Svalbard and Franz Josef Land.
Josef, now three, was born profoundly deaf and with polymicrogyria affecting the left side of his body with cerebral palsy.
Six months ago, in an overwhelming gesture of love, Pamela Butler, 57, gave birth to little Josef as a surrogate for her daughter and son-in-law Nichola and Mathew Pagett.