Lobo, Jorge

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Jorge, Brazilian physician, 1900-1979.
Lobo disease - a chronic localized mycosis of the skin. Synonym(s): lobomycosis
lobomycosis - Synonym(s): Lobo disease
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Lobomycosis was first described in 1931 by Jorge Lobo in a 48-year-old man who lived in the Brazilian Amazon and for the previous 19 years had had keloidal nodules in the lumbar region (8).
* Mexico City Regional--Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Queretaro: Eduardo Cervantes Gonzalez, Mariano Rodas Cardona, Carlos Manuel Arrieta Schmid, Jorge Lobo Romero
loboi) an in vitro uncultivable fungus that was firstly described by Jorge Lobo in 1931.
Ashrawi thanked the outgoing the Portuguese Representative to the State of Palestine, Jorge Lobo de Mesquita, and expressed her appreciation of the Portuguese position regarding Palestine, including its vote for Palestine at the United Nations and its assistance to the Palestinian people.
"These funds will come from the Honduran Bank for Production and Housing (Banhprovi) in order to really reactivate them," said chief of the SAG, Jorge Lobo. "We have tried not to impose a higher rate of interest than 9%, because we know that above this rate it is difficult for producers."
Mario Jorge Lobo Zagallo, the controversial head coach of the Brazilian Team in the 1970, 1974 and 1998 World Cup Finals, will be the jury head on "Joga 10."
El prologador de la obra, Jorge Lobo del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales de Madrid, explica aca que medir la biodiversidad es un asunto extremadamente complejo y que lo mas delicado es su uso para decidir cuales lugares deben preservarse de la rapida modificacion que sufre el mundo natural en la actualidad, diciendo: "Me atrevo a decir que el principal reto de la ciencia de la biodiversidad no es medir lo que se conoce.
The following five tracks were organized: (1) Formal Aspects and Applications of Nonmonotonic Reasoning (cochairs: Jim Delgrande, Mitek Truszczynski), (2) Computational Aspects of Nonmonotonic Reasoning (cochairs: Niemela, Torsten Schaub), (3) Logic Programming (cochairs: Jurgen Dix, Jorge Lobo), (4) Action and Causality (cochairs: Vladimir Lifschitz, Hector Geffner), and (5) Belief Revision (cochairs: Hans Rott, Mary-Anne Williams).
Mycoses such as Jorge Lobo disease, caused by Blastomyces loboi, are also characteristic of the region (1).