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Weir Mitch·ell

(wēr mich'el),
Silas, U.S. neurologist, poet, and novelist, 1829-1914. See: Mitchell treatment, Gerhardt-Mitchell disease, Weir Mitchell treatment.


(mĭch′əl), Peter Dennis 1920-1992.
British biochemist. He won a 1978 Nobel Prize for contributions to the understanding of biological energy transfer.
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I like jazz and I like Joni Mitchell, but Ian Shaw's The Songs Of Joni Mitchell is a stain on jazz and Mitchell's good name.
In addition to such war-horses as "You've Changed," "At Last," "I Wish I Were in Love Again," and "Stormy Weather," Joni Mitchell had rearranged two of her own classics, "A Case of You" and "Both Sides Now," and created a concept album tracking the rise and fall--and fall, and fall--of a typical modem romance.
Joni Mitchell does not like to be limited to any religion, musical genre, or any other pop culture archetype that may be applied to lesser figures.
Nietzschean wormhole where the macrame plant hangers, gingham dresses and patchouli that once framed my impression of Joni Mitchell vaporized in a thundercloud of creative power.
The title of my exhibition is a small tribute to the sheer genius that is Joni Mitchell, surely one of the greatest wordsmiths.
The winner of Best Jazz Vocalist at the BBC Jazz Awards 2004 releases the record through Linn Records next week and it is a tribute to one of his favourite songwriters of all time, the great Joni Mitchell.
1 Without You - Nilsson 2 I Am a Town - Mary Chapin Carpenter 3 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John 4 The River - Bruce Springsteen (left) 5 Copperline - James Taylor 6 Jeepster - T Rex 7 Babylon - David Gray 8 Something Special - Randy Newman 9 Coyote - Joni Mitchell 10 I Say a Little Prayer - Dionne Warwick
THE music of Joni Mitchell and Carole King will be heard at Lawrence Sheriff School on Friday, when Blue Tapestry take the stage.
This time I fed myself more information and was aware of expressing myself more openly, inspired by people like Joni Mitchell and Sylvia Plath.
d lang, The Tragically Hip, Shania Twain); the rock endurables (Robbie Robertson, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young); and chapters on SCTV, game show hosts (Canada seems to have produced more than its fair share), children's TV (which Canadians excel at), Pierre Trudeau, Stompin' Tom and Moses Znaimer.
She also makes me think of Joni Mitchell circa 1971: not yet completely posthippie, but with a gorgeous command that clashes with her pose of naivete.