Jones, Sir Robert

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Sir Robert, English orthopedic surgeon, 1858-1933.
Jones abduction frame
Jones arm splint
Jones brace
Jones first-toe repair
Jones fracture
Jones metacarpal splint
Jones pin
Jones position - position for treating humeral fracture.
Jones resection arthroplasty
Jones suspension traction
Jones thoracic clamp
Jones towel clamp
Jones transfer
Jones view
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Some quarter of a century on from the start of his coaching career, how does Jones view the job today?
Southern and Jones view self-paced instruction as a subtype of continuous progress acceleration that has the distinguishing feature of student control over all pacing decisions (p.
"The key issue is structuring the financing package." Islamic Investment The Dow Jones view of halal equities Index Stocks Market "Cap (%) Capita- Gap" ** lization $ billion $ billion Traded Full Value * Shares * (Dow Jones Islamic Market) (DJIM) 1,457 $7,397.5 $6,461.1 87.3 DJIM US 625 4,212.9 3,994.4 94.8 DJIM UK 112 706.4 464.7 65.7 DJIM Japan 178 596.3 441.4 74.0 DJIM Europe 293 1,986.5 1,646.2 82.8 DJIM Asia/Pacific 439 1,029.6 694.6 67.4 DJIM Technology 338 1,347.1 1,193.7 88.6 DJIM Extra Liquid 100 4,637.4 4,232.5 91.2 * Full value is total market value of equities of index companies.
But in Alive!, circulated free to 250,000 homes nationwide, an article headlined "The Bridget Jones view of sexuality" says there is no happy ending for people living Bridget's type of lifestyle.
We get a Bloomberg and Dow Jones view of the world and few people want to look at the larger societal effects of it all.
THE JONES VIEW ON GATLAND The public perception is of hardheaded team boss, which Gatland undoubtedly is, but approaching the Kiwi's final Six Nations in charge of Wales, Jones also points to the man-management skills that all too often go unseen by a wider audience.
but Jones views France as unpredictable opponents as illustrated by their defeat to Wales in which a 16-0 halftime lead was surrendered.
England made a stunning start to their Six Nations title quest by dismantling Ireland against the odds, but Jones views France as unpredictable opponents as illustrated by their defeat to Wales in which a 16-0 halftime lead was surrendered.
Mr Dunford suggested Eric Jones viewed the concessionary fare scheme as "a money spinner" for Express Motors.
Jones views Saturday's man of the match as a rare talent, declaring that his "alignment on phase ball was absolutely outstanding, the best I have seen for a long time", and his half-back partner Youngs was equally impressed.
The Pumas finished bottom of the Rugby Championship, although Jones views them as the second best team in this year's competition, and Youngs is wary of their threat despite their 19-16 loss to Scotland on Saturday.