Jones protein

Jones protein,

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1 - the supply of reagents, control materials and other accessories to perform electrophoresis of serum proteins using capillary (to Chapter 6 of the main faction), immunofixation method of capillary and identify Bence Jones protein in urine and serum-gel method with the lease of the necessary cameras .
In a study published in 1992 it was demonstrated that furosemide accelerated in a concentration-dependent manner cast formation and subsequent obstruction of nephrons perfused in vivo with cast-forming Bence Jones protein [36].
Correlation of serum immunoglobulin free light chain quantification with urinary Bence Jones protein in light chain myeloma.
2) Serum protein electrophoresis, a urinalysis for Bence Jones protein, a skeletal survey, and a bone marrow biopsy should be performed to rule out multiple myeloma.
For this reason, one of these methods should be employed even if the screen is negative, if the presence of a globulin, such as Bence Jones protein, is suspected.
Consequently, very high urinary B2M levels can be a potential source of interference when Bence Jones protein excretion is quantified by urine protein electrophoresis (UPEP) studies.
In addition, the Bence Jones protein may go undetected in the urine when immunofixation electrophoresis is negative and the patient is not symptomatic.
However, M protein, Bence Jones protein, and an abnormal accumulation of gallium were not detected.
Having said that, urine is also the source of one of clinical chemistry's oldest chemical biomarkers: Bence Jones protein.