Jones fracture

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Jones fracture

Orthopedics A fracture of the 5th metatarsal diaphysis. See Autoeponym.

Jones frac·ture

(jōnz frak'shŭr)
Transverse stress fracture of the proximal shaft of the fifth metatarsal.


Sir Robert, English orthopedic surgeon, 1858-1933.
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Jones fracture

fracture of styloid process of fifth metatarsal, often associated with traumatic and sudden foot inversion or eversion; fracture line usually appears as vertical (proximodistal) line on anteroposterior radiograph (note: avulsion fracture of styloid appears as a horizontal [mediolateral] line)
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Historically, operative treatment of the Jones fracture has included crossed K-wire fixation, tension band constructs, and intramedullary devices.
The association of a varus hindfoot and fracture of the fifth metatarsal metaphysealdiaphyseal junction: the Jones fracture.
At this stage, Kevin has been diagnosed with a Jones fracture.
The CAROLINA[TM] System is the first major product designed specifically for treatment of Jones fractures of the fifth metatarsal of the foot.
Smith, Senior Director of Extremities Marketing at Wright, commented, "Surgical fixation of Jones fractures is now commonly employed at the time of injury.
Porter, an orthopedic surgeon with Indianapolis-based Methodist Sports Medical Center, and his associates evaluated 20 patients with fifth metatarsal Jones fractures who were treated postoperatively with a 5.