Jolly Green

A regional term for marijuana
References in classic literature ?
Well, you are jolly green," answered his friend, from a neighbouring basin.
For more than 100 years, fresh and great- tasting Green Giant and Le Sueur vegetables have been grown and picked at the peak of perfection in the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant.
It is dominated by Dean Chisnall as Shrek, the jolly green ogre with a Scottish accent whose roar is worse than his bite.
At the same time, the Jolly Green crews were also trying to find a way in and kept descending into the clouds hoping to break out into the clear.
The list included the Pillsbury Doughboy; Jolly Green Giant; Tony the Tiger; Snap, Crackle & Pop; the Keebler Elves; Ronald McDonald; Mr.
10Pm How Antonio Banderas' big-eyed Puss earned his boots before he met jolly green ogre Shrek.
Les helicopteres HH-3E Jolly Green Giant de l'Armee de l'air tunisienne vont etre remplaces par 12 Blach Hawks, mais on ignore si elle va les acquerir sous forme de dons ou s'ils seront achetes aupres des Etats-Unis, selon le site Arabian Aerospace.
As a kid, it was impossible for me to conceive of green beans without also thinking of the Jolly Green Giant.
com/p/news/national/demonic_serial_killer_richard_night_yaEb92lI0ZueSHXKFDz2KL) report quotes sources saying "he was the colour green" and looked like the Jolly Green Giant, hours before his death at the Martin General Hospital in California.
But a few Tory rebels and even that jolly green giant David Cameron are at last beginning to see how shale gas and established efficient sources of energy might be the way forward for future generations.
In 1928, Leo Burnett (then at Erwin, Wasey & Co) had a hand in creating the Jolly Green Giantweallknowtoday,anditwasJWTthathadthe savvy to spot the market for small, packaged cakes - an observation that led the agency to come up with the branding for Mr Kipling.
We've got the jolly green giants coming to play against us," said Ferguson "The biggest team in Europe.