Adolf, Austrian chemist, 1863-1944. See: Jolles test.
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(9.) In the Zulu culture, amasumpa, the diamond shape relief patterns found on wooden milk pails, meat platters and earthenware beer vessels, provide grip (Jolles 2001:310) but also refer to cattle (Perani & Smith 1998:340), and thus indirectly to ancestors.
Training consultant Jolles begins by discussing some of the practical considerations involved in creating and marketing a seminar business.
Although there is significant thematic and methodological overlap from front to back cover, the volume is divided into three sections: (1) Contemporary Research (Stewart, Ackerman, Jolles), (2) Historical and Ethnoarchaeological Approaches (Shepard, Tobey, Frink), and (3) Material and Spatial Analysis (Crass, Reinhardt, Hoffman, Whitridge).
Camera (color), Peter Agliata; editor, Ben Slatkin; music, John Kimbrough; production designer, Christ Lyngas; costume designer, Oshrit Shay; sound (DTS), William Britt; line producer, Jon Jolles; associate producers, Melanie deCoppet, Leilani Hill; assistant director, William G.M.
Stacy Jolles and Nina Beck say parenting has helped them overcome vestiges of their own homophobia.
Translated into narrative terms, this becomes a dualism of 'imperative' and 'interrogative' fiction, related respectively to 'romance' and the novel, whose lineage can be traced back to the 'simple forms' (Jolles) of exemplum and casus.
While the infection protective function of milk/serum proteins has been established beyond doubt (Jolles and Jolles, 1984), the role of lysozyme gene has been suggested as a candidate gene for improvement of mastitis resistance (Sayfert et al., 1996).
"The UNHCR is not in a position to recommend return at this time but recognizes the Iraq government's effort to support people who are returning," said Laurens Jolles, UNHCR representative in Syria.
[10.] Vinkers DJ, Stek ML, van der Mast RC, de Craen AJ, Le Cessie S, Jolles J, et al.
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