Adolf, Austrian chemist, 1863-1944. See: Jolles test.
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Sophisticated criminal groups are increasingly targeting the cryptocurrency industry, focusing on exchanges and other types of firms in the sector, said Noam Jolles, a senior intelligence specialist with Israeli cyber-security company Diskin Advanced Technologies.
Abbe Jolles, an independent attorney specializing in sanctions cases, seconded Howard's analysis.
Berthou J, Migliore-Samour D, Lifchitz A, Delettre J, Floc'h F, Jolles P (1987) Immunostimulating properties and three-dimensional structure of two tripeptides from human and cow caseins.
Jolles, "Cross-cultural adaptations of the Oxford-12 HIP score to the French speaking population," Orthopaedics & Traumatology: Surgery & Research, vol.
Jacqueline Jolles Wise: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract and unjust enrichment.
Nesta obra, Jolles emprega o conceito de Formbestimmung, analogo ao de Huizinga.
In many countries in Europe at the moment," said Laurens Jolles, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) representative in Italy, "the (political) dialogue and the rhetoric is quite extreme and very irresponsible… .
The influence of education in the maintenance of cognitive abilities has received increasing attention (Meijer, van Boxtel, Van Gerven, van Hooren, & Jolles, 2009; Santos et al.
Michel AL, Cooper D, Jooste J, de Klerk LM, Jolles A.
The Triton operation doesn't have as its principal mandate saving human lives, and thus cannot be the response that is urgently needed," Laurens Jolles, the head of the UN agency for southern Europe, said.
The lawyer must also provide quarterly reports of the legal fees paid by the SDN, Jolles says, documenting legal services rendered.