Takamine, Jokichi

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Jokichi, Japanese-born U.S. chemist, 1860-1938.
Taka-diastase - an amylase that has been used clinically as a digestive aid. Synonym(s): α-amylase
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Claviceps purpurea, Mus rattus, parthenogenesis and Lamarckism have been misspelt in the text and names too suffer (Jokichi Takamine, Georges Cuvier, even Brown-Sequard).
Jokichi Takamine, rather like a talent scout, spotted adrenaline's potential in 1901, nurtured it, gave it sound financial and media advice and launched it into the big time.
Jokichi Takamine, who was the first president (March 1913-July 1922) of Sankyo Co., Ltd., a former subsidiary of DAIICHI SANKYO COMPANY LIMITED as well as a parent company of the Sankyo Foundation of Life Science.