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Orthopaedics An instrument used in orthopaedic surgery to lift bone flaps, and elevate the periosteum
Surgery A term that has been used colloquially for any instrument a surgeon or operator has gotten used to being handed at a certain point in a surgery or repair procedure
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Both were dressed as Batman bad- dies - he as arch-villain the Joker and she as his accomplice Harley Quinn.
After all, more cinematic games in play just means that more Jokers at wild.
Jared Leto and Margot Robbie will be returning to the DC Cinematic Universe as The Joker and abused-"girlfriend" Harley Quinn in their own movie.
Specifically, the lyrics from the song All Along the Watchtower inspired artist Konstantinos Kyrtis to create the series of paintings under the name The Joker and the Thief, which will open at Opus 39 Gallery on Wednesday.
Hyundai Card said Tuesday that it has released its promotion app Joker. Based on AR, characters named Joker appear on the screen when a user approaches Hyundai Card-affiliated stores, cafes or cinema complexes.
During an interview with ( Polygon , Hamill said he loved Leto's Joker and he has yet to see a Joker that has made him say, "That was terrible." According to Hamill, the key to enjoying all the Jokers is looking at them in different lights.
The prosecutor claims that since 1999, "jokers" entered examinations 155 times in place of real students.
Victory for the Liz and Rab McNair-trained King Jaffa in the concluding Division B of the standard helped the Dunham Devils move from off the bottom of the table to joint fourth in the standings, with the 'joker' they played on the dog securing a maximum 12 points.
GameTech International Inc, a US-based company that designs, manufactures, and markets computerised bingo and gaming equipment, has announced launch of new Slingo Jokers Wild, a bingo version of Classic Slingo game.
Similarly, for the manager who has seen his side go 2-0 down early on in a vital match so risks his jokers almost immediately in a bid to get an early response - yet they make no difference?
Stockdale was then upset to find he had been demoted by the judges who discovered, on checking the rules, that he was only allowed to jump the jokers three times.
NEIL WARNOCK is confident his Sheffield United jokers will have the last laugh on their Premiership critics.