joint probability

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joint prob·a·bil·i·ty

the probability that two or more outcomes are realized jointly.
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However, the derivation of the joint distribution p([Z.sup.k.sub.1], [Z.sup.k.sub.2] | x) may be intractable in general.
This effect also translated into a similar significant association among the HMB-45/Melan-A joint distribution categories.
26 April 2013 - US in vitro testing products developer Calypte Biomedical Corporation (PINK:CBMC) and its peer Maxim Biomedical Inc said yesterday they have inked a deal for the joint distribution of incidence testing assays.
This outcome implies that their joint distribution should differ as well.
[7,13] Let {[X.sub.n], n [greater than or equal to] 0} be an arbitrary information source with joint distribution (1).
The upgrades include a new fusion center that will synchronize TRANSCOM's global strategic mobility operations and house the Joint Distribution Process and Analysis Center.
"Cooperating with Orange Business Services, the largest B2B telecommunications operator in France, is a strategic move forward for us in terms of expanding our M2M services portfolio This partnership is the ideal starting point for joint distribution activities", Telit Global Sales VP Felix Marchal commented.
In this section, we concentrate on the joint distribution of the 3 parameters, P[T = l, [X.sub.T] = i, [S.sub.T] = j], which is quite involved, even in the simplified urn model, which we assume now.
It includes works on the establishment and processes of a distribution system, Joint and Service doctrine, research articles, after action reports, briefings on the shortfalls of the current execution of the Joint distribution system, the command, and control of Joint theater logistics, and optimization of a specific portion of the theater distribution system.
has entered a joint distribution agreement for the cancer pain drug KW-2246 (Orexo's sublingual fentanyl product) with the pharmaceutical company Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.
Cloud-based technologies provider GuestTek International Inc (Pink Sheets:GESM) has announced it has signed a joint distribution agreement with Propalms Inc (Pink Sheets:PRPM), a provider of application delivery and secure remote access solutions.

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