Johnstown Flood

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A May 1889 flood in Jonestown, PA, which killed 2,209 people
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The flood has been the subject of or setting for numerous histories, novels, poems, and other works, including Rebecca Gilman's epic dramatization of the story, A True History of the Johnstown Flood, directed to mixed notices by Robert Falls in 2010 at Chicago's Goodman Theatre.
We call the flood a natural disaster, but it was a disaster that occurred from a combination of natural events and human manipulation of the environment," says Megan O'Malley, chief of interpretation at the Johnstown Flood National Memorial.
While the subtitle of this book is A Novel of the Johnstown Flood, this verse novel is, at its heart, the story of star-crossed lovers.
The seeds of the Johnstown flood were planted in the early 19th century when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania decided to challenge New York's Erie Canal with a cross-state canal of their own.
THE AMERICAN PLAGUE: THE UNTOLD STORY OF YELLOW FEVER, THE EPIDEMIC THAT SHAPED OUR HISTORY tells of a virus so destructive that one outbreak cost more lives than the Chicago Fire, the San Francisco Earthquake and the Johnstown flood combined.
In 1930, in Curwensville, Pennsylvania, he was thunderstruck by images of the 1889 Johnstown Flood.
And it was good of the editorial to pay tribute to Stanley Woodward, one of the great columnists and great sports editors, who derided an excuse by Earl (Red) Blaik, football coach at West Point, as being equal to blaming the Johnstown flood on a leaky faucet in Altoona.
While urbanization, economics, and politics played a role, this Note concludes that a series of tragic dam failures, particularly the Johnstown Flood of 1889, was the most direct and substantial cause.
The Johnstown flood account, howbeit apocryphal, sounds a lot more likely.
The disastrous Johnstown flood killed 2295 persons when the dam above Johnstown, Pa.