John Wayne Bobbitt

A Virginia man whose penis was amputated by his wife, then reattached in a 9-hr operation
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John Wayne Bobbitt had a history of assaulting his wife.
The injured man - quickly dubbed The Boro Bobbitt after American John Wayne Bobbitt, whose wife chopped off part of his manhood - was from a travellers' site close to the A66.
In the United States, John Wayne Bobbitt became an international celebrity in June 1993 after his wife, Lorena, sliced his penis off.
John Wayne Bobbitt became an adult star, got married twice and was arrested many times for assaulting women before changing his ways and becoming a regular churchgoer, the Sun reported.
Her discussion ranges from Beverly Hills 90210 to Melrose Place to Murphy Brown; to 1990s Riot Grrrl bands; to the "national bout of castration anxiety" over the maiming of John Wayne Bobbitt by his abused wife, Lorena; to the ambiguous sexuality of Attorney General Janet Reno; to those "warrior women in thongs," Zena Warrior Princess and Buffy the Vampire Slayer; and to the surge of "new girliness" in films such as Clueless, Bridget Jones's Diary, Miss Congeniality, and Legally Blonde.
IN 1993 one brutal act guaranteed John Wayne Bobbitt a notoriety he can never shake off.
I must admit my mind set on managing a team this time last month was one of sheer disregard to the point I would have rather have had the John Wayne Bobbitt treatment than park my backside on the Glebe Park hot seat.
His former commander considered John Wayne Bobbitt "a Marine without peer".
JAILBIRD John Wayne Bobbitt, whose ex-wife famously lopped off his manhood with a kitchen knife, is hoping to become a father again this year.
John Wayne Bobbitt, who became famous after his wife severed his penis, is back in the news again.
Never has one small piece of bone created so many headlines (well, not since John Wayne Bobbitt anyway).
JOHN Wayne Bobbitt, who made headlines around the world after his then-wife Lorena was charged with cutting off his penis, has remarried on his 35th birthday.