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John, English physicist, 1820-1893.
Tyndall effect - Synonym(s): Tyndall phenomenon
Tyndall light - light that is reflected by gas- or liquid-suspended particles.
Tyndall phenomenon - the visibility of floating particles in gases or liquids when illuminated by a ray of sunlight and viewed at right angles to the illuminating ray. Synonym(s): Tyndall effect
tyndallization - exposure to a temperature of 100°C (flowing steam) for a definite period, usually an hour, on each of several days. Synonym(s): fractional sterilization
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John Tyndall provides that anchor in many of the poems in this collection, and it is these, with few exceptions, that make the deepest impression.
Most of the last third of Science serialized focuses on personalities who presented or debated natural selection (Charles Darwin, John Tyndall, W.
THE founder of the British National Party John Tyndall was found dead at his home yesterday, aged 71.
Griffin will appear at Leeds Magistrates' Court today, alongside the party's founding chairman John Tyndall, charged with race-hate offences.
Griffin, 45, of Welshpool, and John Tyndall, 70, of Brighton, were due before Leeds magistrates following last July's BBC undercover documentary, The Secret Agent.
He was appearing with John Tyndall, 70, of Brighton, who has been charged with two counts of the same offence as part of a long-running investigation by West Yorkshire Police into the documentary, which was screened last July.
As long ago as 1996, the party, under its previous general secretary John Tyndall, announced a recruitment drive in Cardiff.
John Tyndall's goal for Riverside Town proved to no avail as Bebington Athletic won 3-1 thanks to efforts from Danny Griffiths, Richie Harrison and a rare Ted Roberts strike.
THE British National Party was formed by John Tyndall, co-founder of the racist National Front movement, in 1982.
Most astonishingly it reveals how former Tory minister Alan Clark regularly dined with the then BNP party chairman, John Tyndall.
(4) These associations were particularly perturbing to scientific members of the intellectual elite like Thomas Henry Huxley and John Tyndall. In books, public lectures, and periodical articles, both men scrupulously endeavored to dissociate their scientific positions from any hint of materialism, but they still found themselves labelled indiscriminately with precisely that offensive designation.
He became editor of Spearhead, then the BNP's magazine, from 1996 until his split from John Tyndall, the former BNP leader, at the end of 1999.