Haldane, John S.

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John S., Scottish physiologist at Oxford, 1860-1936.
Haldane apparatus - a device used for analyzing respiratory gases.
Haldane chamber - an obsolete chamber for metabolic studies on animals.
Haldane effect - the promotion of carbon dioxide dissociation by oxygenation of hemoglobin.
Haldane relationship - a mathematical relationship between the equilibrium constant of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction and all of that enzyme's kinetic parameters.
Haldane transformation - multiplication of inspired oxygen concentration by the ratio of expired to inspired nitrogen concentration in the calculation of oxygen consumption or respiratory quotient by the open circuit method.
Haldane tube - a tube for securing human alveolar air samples.
Haldane-Priestley sample - an approximation of alveolar gas obtained from the end of a sudden maximal expiration into a Haldane tube.
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