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E.B., U.S. obstetrician-gynecologist, 1881-1935. See: Piper forceps.


Black pepper, the dried unripe fruit of Piper nigrum (family Piperaceae), a climbing plant of the East Indies; used as a condiment, diaphoretic, stimulant, and carminative, and locally as a counterirritant.
[L. pepper]
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(pī′pĕr) [L.]
Genus of plants that produce pepper. The species Piper nigrum is a flowering vine that produces black pepper.
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Both John Piper's career and the book which Frances Spalding has written about it could be characterised as long, diverse, colourful and accomplished.
The sale features work from three British artists - Graham Sutherland, John Piper and Henry Moore.
John Piper, as project chief designer, led the Visioneering team which supplied the engineering capabilities to JCB for the Dieselmax car which earlier this month set a new diesel land speed record.
Two of these are John Piper and his view of Penrhyndeudraeth, a bold mixed media on board, estimated at PS6,000 to PS8,000, and the striking Sunrise by Ceri Richards, dated 1962 and executed in chalk and gouache on sandpaper.
The relationship with John Piper - the artist most extensively represented in the collection - was particularly close, and letters and a specially-designed Christmas card (there is also one of these from the St Ives painter, Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham) are on display.
PAINTINGS and drawings of Snowdonia by celebrated WI war artist John Piper have gone on show at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.
But the inspiration for it is far more spectacular - the cathedral window designed by John Piper and constructed by Patrick Reyntiens, where hues blend with each other effortlessly to create a huge curtain of colour, running down one side of the building.
More than 40 artists are displaying their work as part of the annual Summer Show, including GwilymPrichard, Augustus John, John Piper, Sarah Carvell and Neil Canning.
The work encompasses a variety of media and styles, including work by John Piper, Lucie Rie, Joan Miro and Ben Nicholson.