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John, Scottish physician, 1733-1805.
Millar asthma - stridorous laryngismus.
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Anne Millar's lawsuit claims that a Bridgeway employee assessed John Millar immediately after his admission and learned that "John had planned to shoot himself with a deer rifle."
Chief Supt John Millar warned that security measures including spot searches of vehicles and people, would delay admission to the circuit.
Caption(s): Avalon Carpet Tile and Flooring associates from left: Marc Martorano, Maryanne Adams, John Millar and Scott Wheeler
A statement being sent to Chief Supt John Millar says: "The council has serious concerns regarding the decision to transfer five officers from their duties within villages in our district, as it will leave the western area police with inadequate resources to contain the current increase seen in crime."
John Millar, Vice-President of research and population health at the Canadian Institute for Health Information which funded the study.
Melvin Worth, 79, from St Petersburg, Florida, met Barry Island's John Millar as he visited New York with the Royal Marines in 1943.
The Firhill flier grabbed the second on the hour and Stirling were in more trouble when they had John Millar sent off.
But Albion simply refused to lie down and were rewarded when Ally Graham powered home a penalty after John Millar had been brought down by Sauzee in 53 minutes.
Its leading figures included the philosophers Adam Ferguson, Francis Hutcheson, Adam Smith, John Millar, Dugald Stewart, Thomas Reid, and David Hume and the historian William Robertson.
Reader John Millar tells us that during 1998, the Riverside gents president was Alan Patrick while the ladies president was Valerie Hope.
The awards ranged from occupational Health, won by John Millar at Hunterston B Power station, to the work done in introducing art as part of wellbeing in hospitals.
John Millar, director of urban environment, said: "e school crossing patrol service is a long standing service provided by the council and is a really rewarding job.