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John, English anatomist, 1818-1891.
Marshall oblique vein - a small vein on the posterior wall of the left atrium that merges with the great cardiac vein to form the coronary sinus. Synonym(s): oblique vein of left atrium
Marshall syndrome - inflamed edematous papules.
Marshall vestigial fold - a pericardial fold containing the obliterated remains of the left superior vena cava. Synonym(s): fold of left vena cava
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From left: Sunderland fans John Metcalf, 65, Mitch Marshall, 14, and John Marshall, 59
With the John Marshall and Kent cases dismissed, the score is now 5-0 in favor of law schools.
Sir John Marshall ( 1876- 1958), was the first director general of the Archaeological Survey of India, serving from 1902- 1928.
John Marshall was one of the "midnight judges" whom outgoing President John Adams had put into place just before his term expired.
This is very much a collector's item - Cllr John Marshall, on the replica of the Andy Capp statue, above
Charlton Fortune; a bid of $204,000 for an impressionistic painting titled "Bridge Builders" by Alson Skinner Clark; a bid of $144,000 for a floral painting entitled "Bouquet of Pink and White Peonies" by Paul de Longpre; a bid of $204,000 for an unframed watercolor painting entitled "Two Women Seated with Parasols in a Park" by Maurice Prendergast; bids of $420,000 for "A Field of California Poppies" and $204,000 for "Moonlight Reflections" by Granville Redmond; a bid of $264,000 for "Lake in the Sierras" by Edgar Payne; and a bid of $144,000 for "Wild Heliotrope near Laguna Beach" by John Marshall Gamble.
John Marshall, project manager for the NHS Trust, said, "We are really pleased the new decontamination unit was available for use on time and is now open.
Rosen's point is that the Court's most successful jurists--he spotlights John Marshall, John Harlan, Hugo Black, and William Rehnquist, and tips his hat to several others--have the same temperamental strengths that one looks for in high-performing kindergarteners.
LIFE is not enough for monster John Marshall, the pervert who for years preyed on poor, unfortunate kids in children's homes in Glasgow.
Credit for making the United States Supreme Court a significant player in the American scheme of government has been attributed to the masterful leadership of John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States from 1801 to 1835.
Then, in 1903, John Marshall, the fourth Chief Justice, ruled that the Court had the right of judicial (5) [renewed study].