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John, English anatomist, 1818-1891.
Marshall oblique vein - a small vein on the posterior wall of the left atrium that merges with the great cardiac vein to form the coronary sinus. Synonym(s): oblique vein of left atrium
Marshall syndrome - inflamed edematous papules.
Marshall vestigial fold - a pericardial fold containing the obliterated remains of the left superior vena cava. Synonym(s): fold of left vena cava
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While this is lovely to know, Rosen might have given Roberts a few more years to make his mark before spending twenty pages hinting that he is the Second Coming of John Marshall.
In the tradition of John Marshall, Hugo Black, and Earl Warren, Clinton could steer disparate justices toward a common goal.
Epps's suggestion that the current Supreme Court is determined to move the nation back toward an ungovernable confederation of states is as remote from reality as his perception of a Richmond hostile to and neglectful of the memory of John Marshall.
Holmes was right--The evidence that John Marshall is the representative figure of American law is overwhelming.
In the October 31st issue, The Tablet's expert in contradicting the Church's teaching against contraception, Professor John Marshall, suggested another way to buck the Church.
Madison case, Chief Justice John Marshall, this country's greatest chief justice, stated quite plainly that it "was the duty of the judicial department .
Other commendations include the John Marshall Award for Preparation of Litigation, awarded annually by the Attorney General, and the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Award for his efforts in prosecuting the "Pizza Connection.
John Marshall Bank announced today that Jim Bowman has joined the organization as Senior Vice President.
The John Marshall Law School, founded in 1899, is an independent law school located in the heart of Chicago's legal, financial and commercial districts.
John Marshall, who visited the hospice with his colleagues to present the cheque, said: "One of our former colleagues died at the hospice early this year so we wanted to do something to raise a bit of money for Kirkwood.
John Marshall, senior partner, said: "We have made these promotions across many practice areas of the firm.