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Josef, German dermatologist, 1880-1926. See: Kyrle disease.
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en, blow me down, there's another incredibly ne tomb, t's time of Sir John Kyrle and his lady Sybil Scudamore dressed in lace rued nery exquisitely carved in minute detail.
See, for example, the previously unknown details about the life of the famous philanthropist John Kyrle that Heath had discovered by interviewing Kyrle's former acquaintances, in Heath, The Excursion Down the Wye (Monmouth: C.
Both the palace and the Roman digs owe their exposure to John Kyrle, an English philanthropist.
The society took its name through John Kyrle (1637-1724), a Herefordshire gentleman, who spent his life in modest, self-effacing, philanthropy in his home town.
Palmer captained the side for their third-round tie at John Kyrle School in Ross-on-Wye, and kicked seven conversions and two penalties for a 100 per cent record with the boot as another excellent performance saw an early finish with Woodlands rattling up a 50-point advantage to win 55-5.
The White House is understood to have been the birthplace of John Kyrle "Man of Ross", born in 1637.
As part of the school's development work Mr Edwards, Miss Parnell, Dimitri Johnson, Reuben Sheriffe, Aiesha Taylor and Jeneve Hines-Braham visited John Kyrle High School on Friday June 23, 2006.
I attended my first lesson at The John Kyrle Adult Learning Centre and the teacher was brilliant - but I couldn't even draw a blasted fish on the screen
The lifetime achievement award went to maths teacher Anthony Morris from the John Kyrle High School in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire.
Former tennis star Mark Cox opened the courts at John Kyrle High School as civic dignitaries, LTA representatives, school staff and governors looked on.