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John, Scottish surgeon, anatomist, physiologist, and pathologist, 1728-1793.
Hunter canal - the space in the middle third of the thigh that gives passage to the femoral vessels and saphenous nerve. Synonym(s): adductor canal
Hunter gubernaculum - an obsolete term for gubernaculum testis.
hunterian chancre - chancre resulting from syphilis.
hunterian perforator
Hunter operation - ligation of the artery proximal and distal to an aneurysm.
Hunter-Schreger bands - alternating light and dark lines seen in dental enamel. Synonym(s): Hunter-Schreger lines; Schreger lines
Hunter-Schreger lines - Synonym(s): Hunter-Schreger bands
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While John Hunter was there, he studied a broad plain outside of Lisbon.
Brain Garden (OTC:WLIV) announced today plans to launch its Australian operation under the management of John Hunter.
William John Hunter, 25, was found hanging on Monday.
Preliminary positive results have already been reported from an ongoing clinical asthma trial of Oralmat's(TM) herbal extract at The John Hunter Hospital in New Castle, Australia; under the direction of Dr.
John Hunter, 36, of Whittingham Road, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle, was jailed for six years last January at Newcastle Crown Court after pleading guilty to three counts of supplying heroin.
Interoperability is critical to moving ADSL from an early adopter market to a mature, commercialized market," said John Hunter, an analyst with TeleChoice, Inc.
James Gibson Hunter (a coal trimmer) was the son of John Hunter and Elizabeth Scott of Chirton.
John Hunter, co-chairman of Coca-Cola Nestle Refreshments and Executive Vice-President of the Coca-Cola Company.
Based on a combination of GetData's powerful data recovery engine, our other repair tools and our very popular pre-viewer, Repair My Excel solves the nightmares and frustrations of finance directors, accountants, financial planners and others who rely on spreadsheets when they see those 'error' messages pop up on their screens," explained GetData Managing Director, John Hunter.
Judge William Peck was excused by the sanitation district, and Judge John Hunter was excused by the two cities.
today announced that John Hunter is the new vice president of exploitation.
Forensic archeologist John Hunter of Birmingham University and Greater Manchester police will use the maps to try to determine the location of the body of Keith Bennett, The Guardian said.