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John, Scottish surgeon, anatomist, physiologist, and pathologist, 1728-1793.
Hunter canal - the space in the middle third of the thigh that gives passage to the femoral vessels and saphenous nerve. Synonym(s): adductor canal
Hunter gubernaculum - an obsolete term for gubernaculum testis.
hunterian chancre - chancre resulting from syphilis.
hunterian perforator
Hunter operation - ligation of the artery proximal and distal to an aneurysm.
Hunter-Schreger bands - alternating light and dark lines seen in dental enamel. Synonym(s): Hunter-Schreger lines; Schreger lines
Hunter-Schreger lines - Synonym(s): Hunter-Schreger bands
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This is a great result for the John Hunter Hospital Branch and management are to be commended for their openness to resolving the issue,' said NSWNA Assistant General Secretary, Judith Kiejda.
I am very excited that I was able to coax John Hunter out of retirement.
He pointed out that John Hunter maternity unit has 15 ensuite birthing rooms and between 3800 to 4000 births a year.
James and Margaret's children were Thomas John Hunter (married Olive Harcuss), William Hunter, Jessie Hunter (married Patrick Girvin), James Gibson Hunter (married Kath ?
Interoperability is critical to moving ADSL from an early adopter market to a mature, commercialized market," said John Hunter, an analyst with TeleChoice, Inc.
Seventy-year-old Stirling salmon angler John Hunter, who has been fishing on the Forth since he was aged 10, said this week he has seen evidence of the beavers on the Allan.
Nurses and midwives at John Hunter Hospital have introduced bans until safe staffing is addressed: when wards are short-staffed everyone suffers.
The Duchess met and chatted with Laurence Strange, an apprentice at the yard as she toured the famous facility with Sir John Hunter.
Grandad John Hunter says: "Zoe was born three months premature and weighed just 2kg.
It begins with ancient records and discusses such topics as Hippocratic concepts, Aristotle, Galen, Mondino de Luzzi, Leonardo da Vinci, William Harvey, William Hunter, John Hunter, Robert Knox, body snatchers and the trade in corpses, the anatomical literature, the legislation of human dissection, anatomy in the Third Reich, anatomical societies and associations, and the modernization of the anatomy curriculum in medical schools.
John Hunter CB was appointed to undertake this review and following extensive stakeholder engagement with 90 representatives from some 54 organisations, a final draft report is now available.
John Hunter SPORT: Pardew prepared to ring the changes at NUFC "If we had a squad to draw from.