Howship, John

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Howship, John

Brit. anatomist, 1781–1841.

Howship lacuna

One of several small pits, grooves, or depressions found where bone is resorbed by osteoclasts.
See: osteoclast

Howship symptom

Paresthesia or pain on the medial aspect of the thigh secondary to pressure on the obturator nerve by an obturator hernia.
Synonym: Howship-Romberg sign
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John, English surgeon, 1781-1841.
Howship lacunae - tiny depressions, pits, or irregular grooves in bone that are being resorbed by osteoclasts. Synonym(s): resorption lacunae
Romberg-Howship symptom - see under Romberg, Moritz Heinrich von
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The complication of leptomeningeal cyst formation following linear skull fractures in young children, though rare, has been identified since the nineteenth century beginning with John Howship's report in 1816.17 Most of the data and observations contributing to the hypotheses of the pathophysiology have been reported in the 20th century.