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John Eager, U.S. internist and endocrinologist, 1902-1985. See: Howard test, Ellsworth-Howard test.
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Through the last year of his life, John Howard Yoder gave substantial energy to scholarly endeavors at the University of Notre Dame.
South Africa and Zimbabwe initially opposed John Howard who played a role in denying Zimbabwe international cricket on political grounds when the Zimbabwean government decided to nationalise agriculture land and farm houses mostly held by white people.
A striking confluence of historical argument appears in the independent but parallel accounts of the parting of the ways of Judaism and Christianity in Daniel Boyarin's Border Lines (2) and John Howard Yoder's Jewish Christian Schism Revisited.
Foreign Minister Alexander Downer played down the chances of Howard becoming the country's longest-serving prime minister on ABC Tuesday, saying, ''It's too long -- the record is something like 10 years longer than John Howard's record as the second-longest-serving prime minister.
This provoked demonstrations, and criticism even from former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, under whom John Howard had served as Treasurer.
Living on a planet composed almost entirely of tiny John Howards would be an unwelcome prospect, I'm sure you'll agree.
They selected fewer than 50 witnesses of various job descriptions and political profiles, including party heavyweights John Howard Lawson and Dalton Trumbo.
Reluctant Activist: The Spiritual Life and Art of John Howard Griffin
Dr Ourania Kolootroni will end the speeches with an informative talk on the John Howard Memorial Scholarship for the MSc in Family Medicine.
So Gunnar will take on Brandon Thatch and I was slotted in to fight John Howard instead.
During the mid-1970s, the renowned Christian ethicist and theologian John Howard Yoder embarked on an experiment in human sexuality, devising his own guidelines and selecting his own subjects, whom he called "sisters." Writing in 1979 to his colleague and supervisor, Marlin E.