Haslam, John

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John, English physician, 1764-1844.
Haslam-Pinel syndrome - a type of schizophrenia. Synonym(s): Pinel-Haslam syndrome
Pinel-Haslam syndrome - Synonym(s): Haslam-Pinel syndrome
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Fan John Haslam, 66, said: "Bury FC was not just a football stadium but a community centre where people meet on a Saturday."
"One of my abiding memories is waiting outside that Main Stand to get the autograph of (then England striker) Ray Pointer in 1962 when he was scoring for fun for this club," said John Haslam, 62, from Whitefield.
| A nesting Herring Gull PICTURE: JOHN HASLAM / WIKI HOW did you spend your Bank Holiday Monday?
Pexa has decided to expand its NDT team with the appointment of John Haslam who will provide a technical and support service to customers in the UK.
The conference also heard from John Haslam, joint managing director of GF SMith Limited, Europe's leading specialist paper merchants.
“We're all about helping brides plan their perfect day, so naturally any event that assists brides in this process is something that we want to be a part of,” says John Haslam, Managing Director of Wildfire Publishing.
Clockwise from left, Wayne Darrock (JTA Travel Group), Pearl Bennett (The Travel Centre), Sally Carrick (Carrick Travel), Dougie Hill (Thomas Cook Signature); Paul Astley (PA Travel), Keith Wilson (Worldchoice), Paul Rushby (Direct Travel); Karen Veasey, Neil Basnett, Lyndsay Hazel, Philip Mannion, Marni Bhamra, Nick Wilson, Catherine Harris (all Tana Travel); John Haslam (Airparade), Nuala Leonard (Midconsort Travel Group), Nick Bartholet and Ian Sheekey (both Airparade); Terry Williams (MD, Cosmos), Stuard Linnell MBE (Midconsort Travel Group), Charles Eftichiou (Chief Exec, Midconsort Travel Group
Mike Goodwin (2), Adam Peers and John Haslam touched down.
Borg Warner plant manufacturing manager John Haslam said the plant was delighted with the additional work.
One notes, for example, the significantly enhanced professional stature of an individual such as Henry Maudsley, the final figure of the text, when compared with John Haslam, the first, or Alexander Morison, whose career lay between the two.
The cartoon-like illustrations by John Haslam are simple enough to highlight the relevant biology, but nonetheless have character and exuberance.
GRAVE CONCERN: From left, Pauline Maton, Margaret Hobley, Zillah St George, Coun Hazel Noonan, John Haslam, Ralph Butcher and Coun Kevin Foster