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John, Australian physician.
Halliday hyperostosis - excessive bone growth in skull, ribs, and clavicles accompanied by osteoblastic activity in other bones.
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He said he had endured "extremely threatening and unpleasant" meetings with rector Dr John Halliday, who is to leave in January.
Goodey raised concerns about feeling that he was being bullied and harassed in relation to HSOD's handling of the complaint, particularly by the Rector, John Halliday. However, his grievance was not upheld by HSOD, which ignored its own complaints policy and suggested that Goodey's own behaviour might be investigated.
While Sir Bill Gammell's review is under way and the outcomes eagerly awaited, further controversy emerged over the appointment of Dr John Halliday, who has become a co-opted member of the governing body's council, and given a paid role as their representative on Rugby Europe.
Andy Blackburn quit the under-fire High School of Dundee amid claims that its rector, John Halliday, "made life difficult" for staff.
Seedy Robertson then exploded into violence when he headbutted her Vienna's colleague John Halliday for intervening on her behalf during the late night fracas.
Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara has appointed John Halliday as its new F&B director.
Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara has appointed John Halliday as its new food and beverage (F&B) director.
Rector Dr John Halliday said: "Dan loved life and people.
John Halliday claimed 5-16 for the hosts, aided by three stumpings for Tony Davison.
Reserves: Duncan McDonald, John Halliday, Jim Burns, Sam Keenan.
John Halliday said: "He barely touched the bloke but there's no place for that sort of thing in the modern game.
Officers issued details of drugs baron John Halliday after members of his gang - including a Huddersfield man - were brought to justice at Leeds Crown Court.