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surname of the patient in whom the defect was first noted.
Fletcher defect - slow contact activation in coagulation of the blood.
Fletcher factor - factor found in coagulation studies, revealing a slow contact activation but not associated with bleeding abnormalities. Synonym(s): prekallikrein
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The Venerable John Fletcher holds the rank of brigadier-general and the position of Chaplain General of the Canadian Armed Forces.
John Fletcher looks after the golf course and is responsible for its condition and day-to-day running.
NEW SKIP: Outgoing seniors captain Mike Stocking (right) congratulates his sucessor John Fletcher.
Investigations also revealed that Fletcher's Wharf in Cardiff Docks was named after their ancestor William John Fletcher and his company Fletchers Stevedores - and the family visited the site on Friday.
HOMES PLAN: The Rookery, right, which is set to be bulldozed to make for new housing, and former councillor John Fletcher, inset
At a court in Maidstone, thief John Fletcher, who stole thousands from lockers across the South East, admitted theft.
Thief John Fletcher, who has a long criminal record, stole thousands of pounds from gyms across the south- east of England.
Little is known for certain about John Fletcher's birth and college education.
The book is believed to be an adaptation of the lost play Cardenio by William o Shakespeare and John Fletcher.
ASTM International has announced that John Fletcher, technical support manager at Elcometer Ltd., Manchester, England, has been named chairman of ASTM International Committee D01 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials and Applications.
Walton, who was Newcastle's head forwards coach until March this year, will train youngsters at the national academy and assist England Under-18 boss John Fletcher. Elite rugby director Rob Andrew said: "Peter has a lot he can offer to both the academy and the England Under-18 squad and has already shown his skills in the development of players such as Ben Woods and David Wilson at Newcastle Falcons."