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Richard C., U.S. physician, 1868-1939. See: Cabot ring bodies, Cabot-Locke murmur.
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This book follows the expeditions of Italian navigator John Cabot along the northeast coast of North America.
A short but delightful walk from the Colosseum back to Trastevere brought attendees back to John Cabot University, where a day of sessions began mid-morning, concurrently with those at Notre Dame.
John Cabot and his small crew were probably the first white Europeans to set foot on North American soil since the Vikings 500 years earlier.
John Cabot 2.40 Hereford Giovanni Caboto, known in English as John Cabot, was an Italian navigator and explorer who is generally credited as the first European to discover North America in 1497.
John Cabot, who explored the east coast of North America in 1497, rode the Gulf Stream and prevailing westerly winds of the North Atlantic back to England in only two weeks.
After moving nearer the assize court in Bristol, he made a private fortune as a merchant and chief investor in explorer John Cabot's transatlantic voyage of discovery.
In 1495, he changed his name to John Cabot and moved to England to find sponsors for his journey.
Tall cultivars like 'John Cabot' or 'William Baffin' can be located on one or both sides of a front or back entrance, and they are especially effective if allowed to drape over a railing of a step.
Cabot Circus will be named after John Cabot, who sailed from Bristol to help discover North America in 1497.
Situated on the rivers Frome and Avon, this English port city is known as the "birthplace of America." In 1497, Italian explorer John Cabot sailed from Bristol's shores in search of a westerly route to the West Indies only to "discover" North America.