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MORE RESTORATION ORGAN MUSIC is attributed to John Blow than to all his English contemporaries put together.
The great revelation on |Fairest work of happy nature': songs and keyboard music by John Blow (Hyperion CDA66646, rec 1993), performed by John Mark Ainsley, Timothy Roberts and Paula Chateauneuf, is the song of the title, a strophic air ornamented verse by verse as the expressions of love become more intense.
Naturally there was Purcell, standing head and shoulders above all his contemporaries, but John Blow came pretty close, and it was good to hear examples of works by some minor figures of the period, such as John Weldon (a name new to me), whose lovely "Dry those eyes", for all its vocal uncongeniality, was beautifully sung by the soprano Evelyn Tubb.
Equally impressive is Bruce Wood's work on John Blow.
We are promised ringing fanfares, drum processions and shouts of acclamation in addition to some stirring orchestral and choral music, including works by such composers as Handel, Henry Purcell, John Blow, Thomas Tallis and Orlando Gibbons.
To be sure, a similar arrangement is used on |Awake my lyre': domestic music by John Blow Hyperion CDA66658, rec 1993), performed by Red Byrd and the Parley of Instruments, but here the music is deliberately chosen to illustrate the domestic side of Blow's output.
Wednesday's sequence of "Parisian Vespers", candles galore illuminating the midsummer gloom, was one of these brilliant concoctions Skidmore creates with such a magic touch, bringing the English composers Pelham Humfrey, Purcell and John Blow (all influenced by the French taste of the newly-restored Charles II) into the equation, and focusing on the miraculously expressive music of Henry Du Mont, a name scarcely known in this country.
The following cases were heard at Cardiff Magistrates' Court: Stephen John Blow, 47, of MacDonald Road, Ely, Cardiff, was fined pounds 250, disqualified from driving for 24 months, given penalty points and ordered to pay pounds 60 costs after admitting drink driving.