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John, English physician, 1815-1904.
Birkett forceps
Birkett hemostatic forceps
Birkett hernia - inguinal hernia with sac extending into the anterior or inferior wall. Synonym(s): ascending hernia; intermuscular hernia
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GOLD APPROVAL: Roland Finney, left, and John Birkett with the company's award
He made his way down to the three-day event at the Hilton Hotel yesterday with John Birkett, from Idol Entertainments, while his wife Coca, 41, and his children wait anxiously at home for the result of the competition.
AFTER 30 years at Almondbury Junior School, John Birkett went into semi-retirement from teaching two years ago and had little or no idea of what lay ahead.
It's very much a family affair, with 50-year-old Julia and her husband, John Birkett, calling upon all manner of relatives, including father Peter, himself a former trainer, to keep the homely show on the road.
FORMER shipyard worker John Birkett won a compensation payout after being struck by mesothelioma - and now he hopes the new Bill will help other victims get justice.
MESOTHELIOMA sufferer John Birkett has finally won compensation - before it's too late.
Outstanding performances in the backs came from Ross Carey and Tom van Rooyen, while debutant Phil Stanislaus and John Birkett shone for the forwards.
John Beattie, John Birkett, Alan Candlish, Madeleine Knight and Michael McLaren have given blood 75 times each and Eric Gould has made 100 donations.
YOUNG GUNS: the six Huddersfield players who were in action for West Yorkshire Under 17 side are pictured ahead of the game (from left): Ross Carey, John Birkett, Tom van Rooyen, Billy Dempsey, Josh Morris and Jack Brannan
There were hat tricks for Rob Heywood, centre Tom van Rooyen with others from Tom Mason, Matt Dickinson and John Birkett, while Chris Brook kicked five goals.Cleckheaton scored a consolation try midway through the second half.
Goals from Jack Hopper, Shayne Walker, John Birkett and Jack Scorer sealed the points for the visiters.
Yet despite some good efforts from men-of-the-match Moores and O'Toole, Joe Cheffins, John Birkett, Tom Bolland, Matt Dickinson and Ross Carey, they were denied.