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John, 20th century South African cardiologist.
Barlow syndrome - late apical systolic murmur or (so-called "mid-late") systolic click, or both, due to massive billowing of the anterior and/or posterior (mural) mitral valvular leaflet into the left atrial cavity.
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John Barlow, managing director of Broxell Close-based Durr, said: "We are delighted to be a partner in the production of such a world-class car."
Natural Building Materials will be launched on the Alternative Investment Market this autumn with Ennstone's Mr Vaughan McLeod as chairman and Mr John Barlow as finance director.
John Barlow, of Godiva School of Motoring, said: ''If you get somebody who is making 20 minor faults they should really not be driving.
Mr Vaughan McLeod, Ennstone's chief executive, is expected to be chairman of the new company and Ennstone's finance director Mr John Barlow will also join the new board.
John Barlow and Motion were also charged with kidnapping Frank and Mona Jones at Holyhead in April but that charge against John Barlow was withdrawn in court.
John Barlow, Molloy and Trussell are aso charged with kidnapping Stanley Norvill at Blundellsands on May 21.
Those charged are: John Barlow, 30, of Eaton Road, West Derby, Liverpool, who is accused of conspiracy to rob and kidnap in Blundellsands.
Police said John Barlow, 30, of Eaton Road, West Derby, Liverpool had been charged with conspiracy to rob and kidnap at Blundellsands on Merseyside.
The last of the Dearne & Don finals will be the jointly-held Ernest Daniel and John Barlow team knockout events at Thurgoland on September 8.
There are reasons for the slide towards extinction, says Soap and Stone boss John Barlow, whose partner Kelly Hartland runs the bath bombs side of the business.
| John Barlow with some of the rare gems at Dudley's Soap and Stone shop
HFW established an insurance offering in Kuwait City in January with the hire of consultant Sandra Ortiz, and relocated insurance partner John Barlow from Dubai to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2018.