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John, U.S. physician, 1875-1948.
Auer bodies - rod-shaped structures of uncertain nature in the cytoplasm of immature myeloid cells in acute myelocytic leukemia. Synonym(s): Auer rods
Auer rods - Synonym(s): Auer bodies
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Mussels in garlic and white wine broth is a signature dish that chef/owner Michael John Auer proudly serves, and it's done in a traditional French way.
He succeeds ASI Founder, President and Chief Executive John Auer, who remains ASI board chairman after his April 1 retirement.
"Since 2006, Flexpoint has been a great partner for ASI and their insights and advice have been integral in the growth of company," said John Auer, CEO of ASI.
They soon abandoned this idea, but in 1909 Meltzer revived it in a slightly different form with his son-in-law, John Auer.
"They communicate very well to the reinsurance community," said John Auer, president and CEO of St.