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John, English surgeon and anatomist, 1764-1831.
Abernethy fascia - a layer of subperitoneal areolar tissue in front of the external iliac artery.
Abernethy operation
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Clime director John Abernethy said, "Ronnie Chalmers and his investment team will make a valuable contribution to the on-going growth of Clime and to the wealth generation of his and our investors.
The first known case was described by John Abernethy in 1793, where he described a postmortem evaluation of a 10-month-old girl that, among other
The grandfather was probably the pick of the bunch, a pupil of both John Hunter and John Abernethy, two of the greatest surgeons of the 19th century, and he even merited a plaque inside the church.
John Abernethy (1764-1831), who among his other patients was treating Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) for his addiction to laudanum.
Standing in front of the White Raven Art Works booth, Eugene resident John Abernethy said that although he works at the University of Oregon, Duck football is not high on his priority list.
50 Musselburgh A caraway seeded biscuit suitable for vegetarians and vegans which was invented by a Scottish doctor, John Abernethy, originally as a digestive improver.
From here she turns to consider the London debates between John Abernethy and William Lawrence, his erstwhile protege as surgeon and as investigator of the sources of life.
Chairman of the bench John Abernethy said: "We are not ruling out any option and that includes custody.
These useful summaries build towards a more focused discussion of the increasingly vitriolic controversy between the two Bart's surgeons, John Abernethy and William Lawrence, in 1814-20.
WE are looking to contact Big John Abernethy, last heard of in Sri Lanka.
Life cycle costing (LCC) has become a primary criterion in our equipment bidding," said John Abernethy, operations superintendent of the Department of Waste Management & Recycling Division of the County of Sacramento Public Works Agency.
I must say that the CYCA has taken the wind out of my sails by the fact that it has made many changes to the way the race is run, and it is fair to say that it is now a much safer race," State Coroner John Abernethy said at the final hearing.