Lambert, Johann Heinrich

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Johann Heinrich, German mathematician and physicist, 1728-1777.
Beer-Lambert law - see under Beer, August
Lambert cosine law - mathematical measure of the intensity of radiation.
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And it was not until the 18th century that Swiss mathematician Johann Heinrich Lambert proved that Pi is "irrational," meaning that the pattern of its ever-advancing digits never ceases and never repeats.
Kant's correspondence with Johann Heinrich Lambert from the years following the publication of the Inquiry shows that Kant intended to develop this idea further, even claiming that his reflections on the 'proper method' of metaphysics constitute 'the culmination of my whole project'.
12) Considering that the "Architectonic of Pure Reason"(13) could have been the text--as Johann Heinrich Lambert thought it did(14)--for the first part of a course on philosophical and general encyclopaedia, it is amazing to realize that each of the courses just mentioned finds a corresponding, ample exposition in the Critique of Pure Reason.