Blumenbach, Johann Friedrich

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Johann Friedrich, German physiologist, 1752-1840.
Blumenbach clivus - the sloping surface from the dorsum sellae to the foramen magnum. Synonym(s): clivus
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Early in the 1800s Johann Friedrich Blumenbach had put together a collection of skulls that he got from distinguished gentlemen with whom he corresponded throughout Europe.
Several researchers, including Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, a German physician, who have avidly studied human skulls from around the globe, "share Buffon's view that the human species was truly unitary, while also agreeing with him that species could change internally" (p.
Painter's research is so finely tuned as to show that in 1775 Johann Friedrich Blumenbach applied the word "Caucasian" in his dissertation, in Latin, concerning the varieties of mankind--precisely the year in which the U.
From Wurzburg, Tredern went to Gottingen in the summer of 1807 and asked Johann Friedrich Blumenbach to support his thesis project (see Introduction above).
The 19th-century German anthropologist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752-1840) then rather spoiled the intellectual party.