Rosenmuller, Johann C.

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Johann C., German anatomist, 1771-1820.
organ of Rosenmüller - a collection of rudimentary tubules in the mesosalpinx between the ovary and the uterine tube. Synonym(s): epoöphoron
Rosenmüller fossa - Synonym(s): Rosenmüller recess
Rosenmüller gland - Synonym(s): node of Cloquet
Rosenmüller node - Synonym(s): node of Cloquet
Rosenmüller recess - a slitlike depression in the membranous pharyngeal wall extending posterior to the opening of the eustachian tube. Synonym(s): pharyngeal recess; Rosenmüller fossa
Rosenmüller valve - a fold of mucous membrane guarding the lower opening of the nasolacrimal duct. Synonym(s): lacrimal fold
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