Blumenbach, Johann Friedrich

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Johann Friedrich, German physiologist, 1752-1840.
Blumenbach clivus - the sloping surface from the dorsum sellae to the foramen magnum. Synonym(s): clivus
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Earlier anthropologists, and notably Johann Blumenbach, were agreed that mankind consisted of a number of separate "families", of which Blumenbach counted five.
When Johann Blumenbach continued this division of humans into four groups, he changed the terminology a bit, and this terminology is enduring.
Fredrickson frequently directs our attention to a depressing paradox: "The scientific thought of the Enlightenment was a precondition for the growth of a modern racism based on physical typology." Consider that Johann Blumenbach's "authoritative" physical typology, On the Natural Varieties of Mankind, appeared in 1776, or at the very height of the Enlightenment.