Alexis C., French physician, 1844-1908. See: Joffroy reflex, Joffroy sign.
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Joffroy coined the term Basedow paraplegia in 1894, after Charcot had referred to 'paraplegia like weakness' in severe hyperthyroidism in 1889.
En ces lieux parvient a se construire une projection vers le devenir, le temps futur, car le reve est encore possible, la foi encore solide, et le denouement confortera Joffroy ou Cyrano dans leurs certitudes, celebrant la force de leur enthousiasme.
Luis Alberto Coppola Joffroy, who chairs the tourism committee (Comision de Turismo) in the upper house, is the chief advocate of the plan to modify Article 27 of the Constitution to open investment to foreign interests in coastal areas.
In Belgium, migraine affects up to 5,8% of the population at some time in their life, with a gender ratio of 86% in women to 14% in men (Schoenen, Bulcke, Caekebeke, Dehaene, De Keyser, Hildebrand, Joffroy, Laloux, Louis, Monseu, Pierre, Vanderlinden, Sautois & Vandenberghe, 1994:55).
SCHOENEN, J; BULCKE, J; CAEKEBEKE, J; DEHAENE, I; DE KEYSER, J; HILDEBRAND, G; JOFFROY, A; LALOUX, P; LOUIS, P; MONSEU, G; PIERRE, P; VANDERLINDEN, C; SAUTOIS, D & VANDENBERGHE, A 1994: Self-treatment of acute migraine with subcutaneous sumatriptan using an auto-injector device: Comparison with customary treatment in an open, longitudinal study.
1-88) is a history of research into the protohistory of the Chatillonnais region, beginning with Edouard Flouest's work in the nineteenth century, and concentrating in detail on the activities of Rene Joffroy, and his excavations on the Mont Lassois (1946-74) and the discovery of the princely tomb at Vix (1952-3).
Joffroy explained, "I plan to share this money with my family.