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An Americanism for an athlete
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Vox populi An Americanism for an athlete. See Jock itch.
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As a young loon his lug wis aye cockit tae the news wi the fairm billies hame fae the war an in es fascinatin beuk o reminiscences we get true tales o the First World War experiences - hairt-brakkin an hairtwarmin alike - 59 ex sodjers sharin stories an aa recordit an screiv't bi Jock in their ain mither tongue.
In the letter my mother speired if I wid look oot for them - but there wis nae much chance o that!' Ye can near hear the wirds come oot o's moo bringin aathing tae life an nae sma thanks tae Jock, noo 93 eer aul, in haudin tae the Doric for aa the quotes.
The jock said they had an argument and several men allegedly assaulted him on behalf of the woman.
Cumia and Hughes had actually been involved in problems because of their shock jock style of broadcasting.
Besides, the endorsement of stereotypical masculine norms in the study was also found to be stronger among jocks than among athletes.
Students who identified strongly as jocks were likely to support "masculine" attitudes about violence, sex, winning, dominance and risk-taking.
"Populars reported somewhat elevated levels of tobacco and marijuana use, and jocks had high levels of problem drinking, but very low levels of smoking or illicit drug use.
They went on four out and hard as Moral Support tried, he was never going to peg back the two and a half length winner, despite Jocks Cross bursting a blood vessel in the battle.
Williams did not believe Jocks Cross could reverse Rehearsal Chase placings with Moral Support, who had beaten her charge by three and a half lengths at Chepstow this month.
By the time the group held its first formal convention a year later, however, it was distracted by the first great uproar over payola - that is, record companies bribing jocks to play certain songs.
But there's a notable difference: In the book the sissy gets the jock. In fact, he gets several of them.