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in Greek mythology, the wife of Laius; she unwittingly married her son Oedipus after Laius was slain.
Jocasta complex - libidinous fixation on son by mother.
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The next scene shows them after what looks like a steamy night in bed together, and Jocasta asks if he really has to leave.
But Claire soon clashes with the wealthy landowner because it is a slave plantation and Jocasta does not appreciate Claire stirring up trouble.
Jocasta urges Oedipus not to look into the past any further, but he ignores her.
In Jocasta's retrospective, one measure of the universal revulsion toward the Oedipal conflict can be surmised in her readiness to confess to the lesser crime of infanticide, as she recounts how more than a generation earlier she and Laius had tried to defuse the original prophecy by putting their infant son out to die.
At the same time, and for all the emphasis placed upon the heroes' common background and the city's particular status, Phoenician Women looks into the individual motives or reasons leading to the clash, as these are laid out by the direct, male conflicting parties, but also by Jocasta (443-637).
From New York Herald Tribune: "Conchita Gaston sang Jocasta's aria with spine-tingling dramatic force and expression."
The question is, having backed Jocasta Dawn at the shorter price what should you do when the price drifts?
Yet Jocasta's report does nothing to console Oedipus, who finds in its details about the king's death several disturbing similarities to his own past encounter with an elderly man at a crossroads.
More radical, however, is the reinvention of Jocasta's relationship with her husband-son.
Oedipus Matt Walker Jocasta Beth Kennedy Young Elvis James Snyder Creon Rick Batalla With: Joseph Keane, James Michael Lambert, Andy Lopez, Jill Morrison, Breanna Pine, Jen Seifert, Mike Sulprizio, Danielle Thorpe, Lisa Valenzuela, Kimberly Wood.
Sophocles' plot centers on Antigone, the daughter of the ill-fated Oedipus and Jocasta, who lives in the midst of a war.