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Albert, German surgeon, 1859-1907. See: Hoffa operation.
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Partly charmed by the uncle-like Sonny Harrell seems fleeced at times though he voices the same complaint a reader would: "One of the frustrations in compiling this book has been the absence of solid evidence." The murders of John and Robert Kennedy are explained with familiar supposition but the notorious rub-out of Jimmy Hoffa is certainly presented in a new light: Sonny claims to have destroyed clothes with Hoffa's post-mortem body fluids on them.
"Once in a while it's worth risking your neck to make sure nobody sinks just because the rules are rigged against them," he said recently to raucous applause at a Washington dinner honoring Jimmy Hoffa, the legendary Teamsters leader who facilitated such smuggling.
WHEN I was working on the supply side, I would talk with other North American suppliers about the "China situation" and sometimes joke, "Where is Jimmy Hoffa when we need him?" But here we are a few years later, and the idea is not so farfetched.
In 1975, Gerald Ford was president of the United States, the Vietnam War was coming to an end, Jimmy Hoffa was reported missing, and with the release of the first microcomputer, the Altair 8000, the home computer revolution commenced.
The pay is good, benefits are better than what any private company offers, and the retirement package is one Jimmy Hoffa would die for.
Spirit Airlines shut down an online game depicting the FBI's hunt for Jimmy Hoffa's remains after customers complained.
US-based Spirit Airlines has shut down an online game that apparently made fun of the FBI's hunt for Jimmy Hoffa's remains after complaints from customers.
Vehicles are: too large, too powerful, inefficient, unsafe, heavy, the reason for war, the cause of global warming, and implicated in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, the death of the Lindbergh baby, post-teen acne, and flatulence--especially flatulence.
It was like looking for Jimmy Hoffa. A lot's changed but Scott Kane's Vans remain the same.
We're a long way from the time that old school union bulldogs like Jimmy Hoffa, George Meany and Walter Reuther ruled the roost and sent shivers down the spines of everyone from middle managers to occupants of the Oval Office.
Remember Jimmy Hoffa? There was a guy who understood the beauty of stealing retirement money.
Futhermore, the guild has now approached the Teamsters Union of Jimmy Hoffa fame - his son Jim is the current president - to investigate the possibility of an alliance.