Jim Fixx

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Author of The Complete Book of Running, a bestseller, who symbolized the fitness craze
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People like Jim Fixx, a former fat guy who lost weight by jogging, initiated the jogging fad.
His chapters are filled with names of people and companies that most Americans are likely familiar with -- Jake Seinfeld, Bally, Reebok, Gold's Gym, Jim Fixx, Jack LaLanne -- but do not know the interesting stories behind them.
Jim Fixx, by way of shopworn example, died at the age of 52 while jogging in Vennont.
Jim Fixx had put running and himself into the general public's consciousness with the publication of The Complete Book of Running.
Who can forget the gales of laughter when Jim Fixx, author of The Complete Book Of Running, dropped dead while jogging?
The fact is, death can come with a sense of cruel irony, as it did in 1984 when Jim Fixx, who helped popularize running, died from a heart attack after going for a run.
American Jim Fixx died while performing an activity which he had popularised by demonstrating its health benefits.
Running guru Jim Fixx addressed this point in a skeptical account of the first marathon run (Second Book of Running, 1978): "We know that the Battle of Marathon .
As soon as Frum starts talking about the jogging fad, you know that he will build to the heavily-handedly "ironic" fact that Jim Fixx, author of The Complete Book of Running, died in his running shoes of a heart attack.