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Donald James, 20th-century Canadian physician. See: Bowie stain.
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During NCEW's annual convention, Neil Heinen, editorial director at WISC-TV in Madison, Wis., and I filed broadcast editorials from the same location where William Travis, Jim Bowie, and Davy Crockett stood during the great Texas Rebellion.
Stratemeyer began writing magazine stories in 1884 and dime novels under the name Jim Bowie. He began his immensely popular series "The Rover Boys, " with the pseudonym Arthur M.
Davey Crockett's bullet pouch, Jim Bowie's sword, Sam Houston's snuff box, and more than 200 other artifacts connected to the 1836 Battle of the Alamo arrive in San Antonio this week.
Among his acting credits was appearing with Wayne in The Alamo (in which he played Jethro, Richard Widmark's character Jim Bowie's loyal slave).
“We're delighted to have Ken and his team join the UCF Business Incubation Program as an approved partner,” said Jim Bowie, site manager of the UCF Business Incubator in St.
Googling a runner Jim Bowie 2.00 Fairyhouse James 'Jim' Bowie is a legendary figure in American culture.
The one thing agreed upon is that it was made famous by a man named Jim Bowie who became an overnight legend after using it in a fight.
The guide pretends the father is a hero of the Alamo: "Let's say you're Jim Bowie. You're married to the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in town.
Paul Carberry landed the opening two races, with his first success coming aboard Noel Meade's Jim Bowie.
After Paul Wellman's 1951 book on Jim Bowie was published, Warner Brother's brought the novel to the silver screen staring Alan Ladd.
David Bowie adopted his last name from Texas hero Jim Bowie to avoid confusion with the Monkees' Davy Jones.