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dhyana (jyäˑ·n),

n meditation, one of the eight limbs or paths of Patanjalis yoga, aimed at self-realization and self-knowledge. When the mind is no longer distracted from the object of concentration, then dhyana is realized as distinct from dharana. See also yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, and samadhi.
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COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: "I have worked as a mentor and advisor to numerous startups, including Jhana, an educational technology startup acquired by Franklin Covey in 2017, and YoGov, a company that focuses on streamlining government services to increase civic engagement.
Tenders are invited for As_26_130 construction of road from phuhurabari pachim to jhana udalguri (track62) including cd works and routine maintenance for 5 yrs.
The six members, identified as Mohammad Jahangir Alam (17), Ibrahim Alam (17), Mohammad Ashan (15), Nur Fataman (16), Jhana Tara (14) and Dilwara Begum (27) were reportedly waiting to board a train to Hyderabad.
Summary: Spread over 10 acres on a rocky outcrop in northwestern India's Jodhpur town, Arna Jhana celebrates the open spaces of the desert, including its flora and fauna
Gore, Jhana Li Gottlieb, Samuel Vanson Hale, Maya Rebecca Jamner, Eviva Ida Kahne, Xiaoling Niles Keller, Amy Kohout, Freda Aullene Kreier, Rachael A.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 17, 2017-Franklin Covey Acquires Micro-Learning Content Supplier Jhana
Class salutatorian is Jhana Lane, the daughter of Sundee Trump of Yoncalla and Ben Lane of Sutherlin.
A naive beginner who looks up "meditation" will be given a four-line definition, but then sent on to the entries (indicated by caps) for BHAVANA, CHAN, DHYANA, JHANA, PATHPATH, SAMADHI, and ZUOCHAN.
2 succinctly expresses the Gaudlya's theology that bhakti is beyond the qualities of material nature (sattva, rajas, and tamas), unlike the other forms of yoga such as karma and jhana, which are constrained respectively by and under the influence of rajas and sattva (see BhP 11.
Brian was also a devout Buddhist practitioner and teacher in the Jhana practice.
The gaddhegal involves both the mother and the wife of the transgressor (khara bana jhana va madara-i-u savara bashada).
Pieces were on display by Wyland, Nicola Dennis, Howie Cooke, John Dahlsen, Peter Joli, Pagat, Gaia El Aon, Samantha Walsh, Jhana Bowen, Cath Grant, and Steve Webb as well as the work of 50 contestants in a Kids' Colouring-In-Competition.