Jewett nail

Jew·ett nail

(jū'ĕt nāl)
An intramedullary hip screw used in trochanteric fractures.
[Eugene Jewett, American surgeon]
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Various methods have been described for the internal fixation of trochanteric fractures, since the introduction of the stainless steel one piece angled V-nail plate by Capener and the subsequent adoption of the Jewett nail plate in the mid-seventies.
9] Before the evolution of PFN different implants like Dynamic Hip screw/ Enders nail/ Jewett nail [10] etc.
6] Both intra-medullary and extra medullary implants [6,7] are used in treatment of this fracture that includes the first intramedullary nail-Kuntscher nail [8] followed by evolution of gamma nail [9,10], Zickle nail [11], Jewett nail [12] and proximal femoral nail [13].