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Catholic religious order founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola in 1540.
Jesuit tea - tea used by Indians for centuries; first cultivated by the Jesuits in their Paraguayan missions. Synonym(s): chenopodium
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Among their topics are a Protestant verdict on the Jesuit missionary approach in Africa: David Livingstone and memories of the early Jesuit presence in South Central Africa, encounters between Jesuit and Protestant missionaries in their approaches to evangelization in Zambia, Jesuit portraits of Protestant missionary activity in southern Africa during the 19th and 20th centuries, Jesuits and Protestants in 19th-century Madagascar, and the adultresses were reformers: the perception and position of women in the religious fight of Fernando Poo 1843-1900.
When he was called, Palmeiro was a distinguished Jesuit academic who had spent thirty of his forty-nine years isolated at the University of Coimbra.
What Kesicki, president of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States, does know is that the General Congregation's election of a new superior general is a big deal, not only for the Jesuits but for the wider church.
In this volume, Marc Andre Bernier, Clorinda Donato, and Hans-Jurgen Lusebrink bring together the work of 19 scholars to craft a prismatic view of Jesuit accounts before, during, and even long after the 1767 expulsion, linking the Jesuits to the anthropology of the Enlightenment.
Chapter 1 explores how at the opening of the 17th century prominent Jesuit figures addressed the topic of obedience as a political necessity both within the Jesuit order and in the context of the intense political debates across Europe over regicide and papal authority.
The Jesuit mission consists of dialectical tendencies, due to the Society's desire to see their mission come to fruition in culturally transformative ways.
Because the history of the Jesuits in the Philippines is linked with the history of the Jesuit Order, which was born in 1540 when Pope Paul III approved the new religious order founded by Ignatius of Loyola.
Jesuit studies; modernity through the prism of Jesuit history; v.
Missionary Scientists: Jesuit Science in Spanish South America, 1570-1810.
Robert Aleksander Maryks, The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews: Jesuits of Jewish Ancestry and Purity-of-Blood Laws in the Early Society of Jesus.
Consistent with the state of historical scholarship on the Jesuit order, all but two write on the period before the universal suppression by the pope in 1773, only three on the nineteenth or twentieth centuries, and one on the present.
Salvation and Globalization in the Early Jesuit Missions.